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As an important member of the Stanley family with a glorious history of more than 170 years, Stanley Hydraulic Equipment is committed to providing our customers with advanced product quality and the best after-sales service.

Stanley Hydraulics has two factories in North America, two factories in Europe, and two factories in China. It has a very complete product line. The products are widely used in construction, demolition, waste treatment and recycling, public utilities, urban construction, railways, and industrial production. As well as greening, underwater operations and other special industries.


PALADIN is the world's largest manufacturer of hydraulic attachments with 11 proprietary brands dedicated to serving different customer applications. The product range is complete, suitable for all kinds of compact engineering equipment and large excavator accessories.



As an important member of the Stanley family with a glorious history of 176 years, Stanley hydraulic products are distributed in all walks of life around the world, widely used in building demolition, crushing and recycling, public utilities, municipal railways, fire rescue, industrial greening, water under construction and other fields. Its subsidiary LaBounty has been committed to providing attachment solutions for various hosts since 1973. It represents the world's most advanced vehicle attachment technology. In Europe and the United States, it is a construction contractor, demolition company, scrap steel The right-hand man of recycling companies is also an honorary member of relevant industry associations and has won many awards.


As an important member of Stanley Infrastructure, DUBUIS was founded by Mr. Maurice DUBUIS in 1949. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was positioned in precision engineering design and manufacturing, and in a market environment that keeps pace with the times , Dubari applies the knowledge and experience accumulated over half a century to the research and development of new products. The current product line covers railway vehicle equipment grounding, catenary operation construction, power cable construction, railway signal line connection, etc. It has been widely praised by users in the industry.


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